By Laura Wright



Take a leisurely walk down Middletown’s Main Street and read all of the historical markers commemorating taverns and banks that once were open for business – the Benjamin Head House, the Wetherby House, the Governor Lawrence W. Wetherby Memorial (he was Middletown’s most famous native son, the only elected Governor from Jefferson County in the history of Kentucky), the War Memorial in Wetherby Park, the Jefferson Marder’s House, Middletown Cemetery, Methodist Church, Beynroth House, Middletown Inn, Davis Tavern, William Bull House and the Abell House, just to name a few.


Travel one block off busy Shelbyville Road and go back in time to an area of Louisville with a rich past. Middletown’s Main Street has become revitalized, and offers a full array of specialty shops, cafes and gift boutiques — READ ENTIRE ARTICLE HERE--> Middleotown