Do you find yourself asking:

  • Would I be happy being in business for myself?
  • Is now the time for me to make a career change?
  • Can I keep my job and open a business? How?
  • What are my viable options?
  • How do I minimize my risk and optimize my chances for success?
  • What is the realistic cost and time commitment?

Jumping in the entrepreneurship isn't for everyone. And for some, a business-in-a-box is a viable option. If you are considering business ownership and would like to consider franchise ownership (aka a business-in-a-box) as one of the options, join us!

During this workshop, you'll learn:

  • Top franchise industries
  • Optimal choices for growth
  • What the real costs are
  • About financing options
  • How to determine if franchise ownership is right for you
  • Building equity in a business for retirement income.
  • Ways I can keep my job (and salary) and own a business
  • How to assess risk to make a safe decision