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Baht Babies
PO Box 43027
Louisville, Ky
Baht Babies help raise funds for education & medical supplies and clean water projects on the border of Thailand/Burma for Karen refugees. We also help spread kindness, love and awareness to communities here in Middletown and Louisville that have never heard of the need half way across the world!

Baht Babies focuses on the essentials for these refugee children to have successful lives in the forms of clean water and quality education. Our main goal is to provide clean water filters and educational assistance to refugees and IDP (Internally Displaced Persons) on the Thai/Burmese border. Water filter training workshops are provided to woman/mothers, teachers and students living in IDP/refugee camps. Educational assistance comes in the form of school supplies, salary for teachers, and new school buildings. Please join us in the fight to provide clean water and an education for these children living on the border of Thailand and Burma in Karen State. Medical supplies have also been a growing need in many camps and villages due to no access to medical clinics and lack of doctors and nurses. After learning of a need in this department, Baht Babies has set a budget to help supply basic first aid supplies, malaria pills and emergency evacuation assistance to anyone in need.

Nonprofit providing education and support to parents of chronically and critically ill children

By partnering with pediatric health providers and other nonprofits, Critically Loved helps parents of newly diagnosed children navigate a difficult road. We provide support:
With guidance relating to school, medical bills, and health insurance

Through our Parent Match Program

By offering group Bible Studies at local churches

We would love your help letting our community know about this resource available. Please pass along our contact to parents you know that could benefit from us or pediatric health providers that could help connect us with parents. We don't charge families any fees for our services.

We also like to partner with local businesses for volunteer and sponsorship opportunities. You can help make the difference in the lives of chronically and critically ill children in our community!

Eastern Area Community Ministries
9104 Westport Road

When families in Eastern Jefferson County experience a crisis or face urgent needs, Eastern Area Community Ministries (EACM) is here for them. We provide emergency assistance with utilities and rent, access to our food pantry, and essential items for babies and toddlers - such as diapers, wipes, and clothing.

EACM also offers programming that empowers our neighbors to develop life-long stability and dignity. This includes workshops, mentorship, and financial education. For our immigrant neighbors, we have English classes and services to help them adapt to a new life in the US.

EACM is guided by the vision of a community where every person is empowered to be fed, sheltered, and safe. We are supported by the combined efforts of 39 area churches, local businesses, grant funds, and individual donors. Our service area includes the following zip codes: 40018, 40027, 40059, 40222, 40223, 40241, 40242, 40243, 40245.

Eastern Area Community Ministries
Maryhurst, Inc.
1015 Dorsey Lane
Believing the worth of children and strength of families are the cornerstone for a better world, Maryhurst is dedicated to providing care and commitment, strength and support, healing and hope to children and families in great need. Maryhurst provides residential and community-based treatment programs for adolescents who have been severely traumatized by abuse and neglect.

Maryhurst’s continuum of care provides a wide range of expert clinical, educational, and health and wellness services that appropriately and cost effectively serve children during various stages of their treatment needs. Our programs include an intensive campus-based residential treatment program, two community-based therapeutic group homes, foster care, and counseling services. Many of our foster care placements turn into adoptions, creating “forever families” each year. We work hard to provide consistency, structure and love, addressing the unique needs of more than 400 children and families each year.

St. Mary’s Center, Inc.
14207 Aiken Road
PO Box 43443
Louisville, KY
We are a caring, nonprofit (501c3) agency that serves teens and adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities in the Louisville and Southern Indiana communities.

We are a caring, nonprofit (501c3) agency that serves teens and adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities in the Louisville and Southern Indiana communities. We offer services through our adult day training, teen after-school program, and recreational athletics activities.
St. Mary's serves adults (ages 21 to 70) and teens with autism, mild cerebral palsy, Down Syndrome, partially sighted, and mild and lower functioning intellectual disabilities. Our adult day program operates Monday-Friday, from 7:30 am to 6:00 pm. Some special events and sports programs occur during the weekends. Training is provided by skilled professionals, and supported by volunteers, in the following areas: Vocational Education; Functional Academics; Lifetime Skills; Health & Wellness; Socialization & Recreation; Community Access and Outreach.
A better quality of life, new opportunities to learn to be more productive members of society and restored hope for each participant is the mission of St. Mary's Center. St. Mary's Center directly serves over 150 participants each year and an additional 400 individuals are supported through our special athletic competition and other activities throughout the year.

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